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Upgrade to any car, for batteries you can always trust on Exide

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Upgrade to any car, for batteries you can always t

We are constantly looking for a change to break the monotony in our lives, and upgrading our old car to a new one is definitely one on the list of changes we want! These days, you have a wide range of vehicle brands and models to choose from while upgrading your car, and you would obviously go for the one that gives you the best of new technology and performance. As for your four wheeler batteries you can continue to trust Exide.

Find the perfect Exide car battery for your new car

Exide offers the widest choice of four wheeler batteries for vehicles of any make and model. You can easily find the Exide Battery that suits your car right here on the Exide Care site. Be it a Honda, BMW, Chevrolet, Maruti, Toyota or even a Mercedes Benz, find the battery for any Car/SUV/MUV that you own through simple steps.

  1. Just go to the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care site.

  2. Select your Car Brand/ Make, your Car Model and your Fuel type.

  3. Click on Get it!

The wide range of Exide four wheeler batteries that would be best for your particular vehicle type is displayed along with the battery details and price! Isn't that super! Now that sure makes it easy for you to pick the best battery for your new car. To buy the batteries find out the Exide Battery Dealer closest to your location and pick up your battery or you can Call 1800-103-5454 for assistance with your battery purchase.

You can also search for the right Exide Battery for your car by Exide Battery Brand. Just enter the Exide Battery Brand you prefer and click on Search from the Find Your Battery page. Get your results within minutes.

Once you have purchased your battery do not forget to register for the paperless warranty for your car online.

Exide is a brand you can completely trust on for your car battery no matter which brand or model of car you have. Did you know? Exide manufactures as well as supplies four wheeler batteries to most car manufacturers in India including top international automotive companies abroad. Exide four wheeler batteries last longest on your vehicles plying on Indian roads that are known for their rugged terrains, sharp turns and bends and undulating surfaces that can be hazardous for any vehicle. Made with advanced automotive technologies and latest designs in battery manufacturing that help your car endure rough Indian roads, Exide car batteries would be the best choice to make for any vehicle!

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