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Where to get the best battery for your Hero Passion Plus bike?

By Exide
Where to get the best battery for your Hero Passio

Looking for a battery for your Hero Passion Plus bike? Exide has bike batteries that are a perfect match for this two wheeler. Two-wheelers are the most suited for Indian roads. Most Indian families prefer having a bike as a vehicle for fast and easy transportation.

Here are some reasons why the bike is popular in the Indian households.

Maneuverability: A bike is much easier to manage. They have everything available, from purchasing accessories and servicing; they are relatively cheaper than a car.

Affordability:Purchase of a bike is much easier and more affordable; the reason it's typically liked by Indian families. Two-wheelers are fuel efficient and not affected by the escalating fuel price.

Adventure: Well, with a two-wheeler, you could be much more adventurous. Imagine moving around the campuses, the meandering roads, the narrow lanes, and the driver's caliber to avoid street potholes- everything is possible only due to a two-wheeler.

Works as a stress buster: If biking is your favorite activity, riding a bike might reduce your cortisol levels. Take a bike ride in the holidays, and you will give stress a reverse challenge. When you are traveling as two, then a bike could be the best option.

Easy travel for fewer travels: Imagine you want to ensure a journey involving fewer hazards and fewer people on roads, then a bike could be the best option.

Economical: Affording a bike could be economical and the same as paying off the insurance. Having bike insurance can save it from all possible perils and hazards.

 So if you have purchased a Hero Passion Plus bike, here are some of the Exide batteries you can opt for whenever your bike battery needs a replacement or wears out:

1. EXIDE BIKERZ ( 12 BV 2.5 L-C):   This bike battery for your Passion Plus bike is super sealed and spill-proof with virtually no possibility of a leak. The product has a warranty of 36 months. Having a dimension of 81*71*106, the battery weighs 1.3 kg and has a battery capacity of 2.5 AH. The battery layout lies to the left.

2. EXIDE XPLORE ( 12 XL 2.5 L-C): This original VRLA battery ideal for your Hero Passion Plus bike is designed to rule the road. Having a dimension of 80*70*105, a battery capacity of 2.5AH, and 48 months warranty, the battery weighs 1.1 kgs.

You may purchase the battery from the nearest Exide dealer. The best part of using EXIDE batteries is getting the best product at the ideal price.

Get Paperless Warranty with every purchase!

Do not forget to register your Exide Battery for paperless warranty once you have bought it from your nearest Exide Dealer. This would help you in easy future replacements for your Hero Passion Plus bike battery.

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