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Top 3 reasons for you to pick Exide EPIQ batteries for your vehicle

By Exide
Top 3 reasons for you to pick Exide EPIQ batteries

Exide - the brand has carved a niche for itself when it comes to delivering quality products, and one of the finest among its extensive car battery range is the Exide EPIQ.

If you're wondering what makes Exide Epiq the finest among car batteries, here are the top 3 reasons explained to help you make your choice:

  1. Promises longest battery life - The Epiq range of batteries is manufactured with new advanced, special long life corrosion-resistant Penta Alloy which ensures that each of the batteries lasts long and can deliver optimum performance during its lifetime. The car batteries from this range feature a special paste formulation for the Positive & Negative plates, which in turn promises higher life expectancy along with superior charge acceptance. Also, the Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat separation in the Epiq batteries are highly reliable and are crucial for longer life of the products.
  2. Compact Build - The Epiq range of car batteries are compact and require low maintenance, which make these a hassle-free product for purchase. Epiq batteries are manufactured with a special Omega type cover design and are fitted with Venturi type chamber cover, which enhances their spill-resistant characteristics. These Exide batteries are delivered as factory-charged, in ready-to-use condition and also assures long wet shelf life which means that no freshening charge is required for the batteries for up to 6 months from its manufacturing date.
  3. Epic warranty coverage - Meant to be your friend for never-ending journeys, the Epiq range of Exide car batteries comes with an extensive 77 months warranty. The coverage is offered for 42 months flat and for 35 months on a pro-rata basis, which can assure you of the Exide support and service anytime, everywhere.
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So, to ensure you get the best battery in the market, reach out to an Exide authorized dealer near you and get your own EPIQ battery for your car! You can check out the Exide Care website as well and find a suitable battery for your car first, before you set out to purchase one.

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