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Reasons why Exide batteries are best for your Pulsar 180

By Exide
Reasons why Exide batteries are best for your Puls

The 2001 launch of the Bajaj Pulsar twins - 150 and 180, was a boon for the motorcycle lovers. Affordable and still offering a promising performance, the Pulsar bikes were a huge hit with the Indian youth. Since then, both the variants have undergone several technological upgrades and design changes to meet the emission and safety standards as well as the market demands.

Pulsar 180 has recently been launched as Dagger Edge Edition which embodies a lot of exterior changes and is BS-6 compliant. Whichever model variant of the Pulsar 180 you own, to keep up the edgy performance of the bike, you can depend on Exide batteries as two-wheeler batteries from the brand are dependable and durable options trusted by generations of motorbike users across the country.

To turn your search easier, here are the two Exide batteries that are most suited for Pulsar 180 models:

1. Exide Xplore (12XL9-B) - Enhanced with Lead-Calcium technology and AGM construction, the Exide Xplore range promises low self-discharge and offers superior cranking power for two-wheelers. The spill proof design for this permanently sealed VRLA battery makes it a zero maintenance option for your Pulsar 180 bike.

Exide maintains a wide network of dealers, retailers and outlets where you can pick your Pulsar 180 battery at the earliest. The sturdy build of the 'ready-to-use' Exide two-wheeler batteries also ensures durability and power-packed performance for your Pulsar 180. Unlike locally sourced batteries from unknown brands, the Pulsar 180 batteries from Exide are specifically designed to fit snugly in the two-wheeler model. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, the Exide batteries are packaged and sealed products which can resist moisture build-up and resultant corrosions, especially during the monsoons. Additionally, the brand offers warranty coverage that can help you with battery servicing and replacement in case of unforeseen glitches, thereby ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

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