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Know Why An Exide Battery is best for your Renault Duster car?

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Know Why An Exide Battery is best for your Renault

Renault Duster, is considered to be one of the best SUVs in India, with a powerful engine and two available modes of transmission, namely manual and automatic. The diesel variant gives a mileage of approx. 19 kilometers per hour and the petrol approx.16 kilometers per hour. If you are looking for a battery for your Renault Duster car, just go for Exide.

If you own a Renault Duster HP or a Duster THP -110 PS, go for EXIDE MILEAGE (MLDIN60) or EXIDE MILEAGE (MLDIN50) respectively. This power packed car battery comes with a 55 months warranty, and a battery capacity of 60 AH. This low maintenance high power battery is made with the latest technology at Exide's state-of-the-art battery manufacturing facility.

Indian roads are known for their characteristic rugged terrain, undulating surfaces, leading to frequent start stop of your vehicle. So, you definitely require a strong battery to keep your car going under such challenging circumstances. Exide car batteries are made with advanced technology and robust designs so that they can endure the roughest of roads. The very reason why you should always go for an Exide Battery for your Renault Duster car.

Here are more reasons to pick an Exide battery for your car.

• Exide provides a complete feature spectrum for every battery manufactured.

• An Exide battery comes with a spill-resistant character to stay clamped in place with no fluid spill. The battery is sturdy and can resist high temperatures. They recharge fast and are low in maintenance.

• You must have heard of Exide batteries' impeccable roadside assistance - Exide Batmobile - A service that is offered during on-road emergencies whenever your car breaks down. You can even ask for Batmobile assistance at your home location. Connect to the service and Exide will send its trained and experienced car mechanic to check and resolve the issue with your car right at your doorstep.

Exide gives you a guarantee of quality and service. So, why go for any other car battery brand for your Renault Duster car? You can get Exide batteries from your nearest Exide Dealer. Exide has an exciting range of affordable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting batteries that can be the best suited for cars, SUV, and MUVs. Do check out the entire range of car / SUV batteries on the Exide Care website.

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