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Opt for an Exide inverter for your home

By Exide
Opt for an Exide inverter for your home

Looking for an inverter for your home? Go for the best - simply trust Exide. Exide offers a wide range of inverter systems for your home or workplace, to help keep your electrical gadgets, lights, fans, air conditioners etc. running during power outages.

Power outages are still a part and parcel of life in most urban and rural areas of India. A sudden power outage can disrupt your normal schedule. For homes with students, an inverter becomes a necessity especially in times like the present when most of them are taking classes and examinations online. Imagine a power cut during an important board exam! Moreover with most offices having their employees work from home, an inverter becomes almost essential to avoid missing important deadlines and meetings from desktops.

Exide offers some of the best UPS/ inverter for your home. The products are made with the latest sine wave and square wave technology to suit every application, load requirement, operating condition and budget, at Exide's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The Lead Acid Batteries paired with the Exide Inverters ensure availability of uninterrupted and regulated power supply during power failure or dip in input voltages. The systems also come with sophisticated digital control and display. So if you are wondering which inverter would be best for your home, just go for Exide.

Exide Inverters systems are available in three models presently -

Exide Inverterz GQP

Exide range of GQP inverters are pure sine wave inverters based on digital signal processor technology, with LCD and LED dual display, 100 % Copper Transformer and auto smart protections. Exide Inverterz GQP comes with a 24 month warranty*. It's 100% pure copper transformer delivers grid quality power which gives long life to your home appliances.

Exide Inverterz Star

Suitable for mains low voltage operation, with controlled output voltage, the  Exide Inverterz Star inverter is made with high quality Micro Controller based Pure Sine Wave Technology and comes with high grade aluminium transformer, smart In-built protections - Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed and more. This inverter too comes with a 24 Month Warranty*

Exide Inverterz Magic

Made with advance micro-controller based technology this inverter is best suited for low voltage operation with LED display as user interface, Exide Inverterz Magic is undoubtedly one of the best inverter to purchase for your home as it comfortably fits into your pocket. The system also comes with a 24 month warranty*.

Buy an Exide Inverter for your home from your nearest Exide Dealer.  Once you have completed your purchase, do not forget to register your Inverter for Paperless Warranty online and view your Battery/Inverter warranty details anytime, anywhere! So, think no further, just go for the best inverter for your home - Get an Exide Inverter!

*T&C Apply

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