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Get a reliable battery for your Glamour bike at a great price

By Exide
Get a reliable battery for your Glamour bike at a

Hero Glamour is one of the best bikes in the 125cc segment. It is not only a powerful bike but also offers amazing elegance. If you own this two-wheeler, you indeed have made a good choice. However, getting one of the best bikes available in the market is not enough as you need to support the performance of your bike with a great battery. If you are looking for the best battery for your Hero Glamour bike at the best battery price, Exide is the one-stop solution for you.

Exide battery for Hero Glamour - What are the options?

Exide offers Exide Xplore - the ultimate two-wheeler battery range. Exide Xplore is developed to cater to all the requirements Indian two-wheeler riders have. Here are the Hero Glamour bike battery options at the best price you can get from Exide:

• If your Hero Glamour runs on ES (Electric Start), EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B) is the option for you.

• On the other hand, if your Hero Glamour runs on KS (Kick Start), EXIDE XPLORE (12XL2.5L-C) is the option for you.

Exide also offers battery options for other bike models of the Hero Glamour range, such as Glamour BS6, Glamour FI, Glamour FI new model, Glamour F5 new model, Glamour FI, and Glamour Pro. Check out the battery options for your bike's model by using the "Find My Battery" option on Exide Care's site. Here you will find the option for "two-wheeler batteries" where you need to select the bike model and fuel type to view the options.

What are the benefits offered by Exide?

Exide, as the best two-wheeler battery manufacturer in India, offers just the right battery for your Hero Glamour. Here's what Exide has to offer:

Quality When it comes to quality, Exide is the benchmark. Exide developers make sure that you get the best battery for your two-wheeler, ensuring your on-road companion can accompany you on all your explorations to its full potential. Hero Glamour is also known for its fuel efficiency, and Exide batteries enhance this feature's longevity. Exide Xplore, with its high AH rating, can store more power and increase overall longevity.

Convenience Getting the best Exide battery for your Hero Glamour is extremely easy. You just need to visit your nearest registered Exide dealer and grab it. Exide verified dealers have years of experience in this field, and you can reach out to them for any battery-related issues. What's even better? Exide has an amazing feature called "Dealer Locator" on Exide Care's website, which helps you easily locate your nearest registered Exide dealer.

Batteries made for India Exide batteries are made for India. These batteries can withstand unique Indian on-road challenges such as frequent starts and stops due to heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions, and off-roading support. So, whether you rely on your bike for daily commutes or are one of those explorers who want to take their bikes while exploring new destinations, Exide batteries will always have your back.

Great Warranty Exide Xplore offers a 48-month warranty. This extended warranty period reflects Exide's commitment to offering the best. Know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions here.

So, don't wait and grab the best bike battery for your Hero Glamour bike at the best price today.

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