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How to buy the best tubular inverter battery

By Exide
How to buy the best tubular inverter battery

Do you want to enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your home or office? Go for the tubular technology. Get a tubular inverter battery. An inverter powered with a tubular battery is ideal for long power back-up requirements. A tubular inverter battery is also considered to be more strong and powerful than a flat plate inverter battery. Did you know? Exide, India's No. 1 inverter battery brand manufactures tubular inverter batteries that deliver maximum performance even in extreme temperatures with guaranteed longer life and higher power output.

Browse through the Inverter Battery section on the Exide Care Website, to check out the tubular inverter batteries manufactured and sold by the brand. You can opt for -


Each of these tubular inverter battery brands from Exide have a wide range of inverter batteries to offer depending upon your budget and requirement. All Exide Inverter batteries come with the assurance of quality and service. The tubular batteries from Exide gives higher backups and also minimal plate failures. They can withstand long and frequent power outages and can recover from deep discharges. They would require lesser topping-up frequency and come with better thermal management. Get the best tubular battery at the price you are looking for with an Exide Inverter Battery Dealer.

Do you know what to look out for before buying the best tubular inverter battery?

Here are certain facts and queries you need to ask yourself before buying a tubular inverter battery.

• Find out if the battery comes with a warranty.
• Know for how long had this battery been in the market or if it is a proven one. Check the reviews to know if there are any complaints about the product.
• Avoid going for an unbranded or local brand of tubular inverter batteries. There are cases where some unworthy batteries have led to explosions due to poor-quality materials used.

Tubular Inverter Batteries from Exide are long lasting with more electrolyte per ampere hour, come in space saving short height containers, tubular plate design and specific warranty. Check out the range on the Find Your Battery - Inverter Battery section on the Exide Care website.

So, if you want to buy a tubular inverter battery for your home or office, just go for EXIDE; India's No. 1 inverter battery manufacturer.

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