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How to buy a tubular inverter battery at the best price

By Exide
How to buy a tubular inverter battery at the best

Are you looking to buy a tubular inverter battery? Get the best tubular inverter battery at the price you want with Exide. Exide offers a wide range of high performing tubular inverter batteries manufactured at its state-of-art manufacturing unit in India. Check out the Exide tubular inverter battery range below:

EXIDE INVATUBULAR: This is a premium range inverter battery having a long life of up to 1200 cycles. They have a strong build and come with thicker plates. Having more electrolyte per ampere hour, and a 66-month warranty, they are one of the most popular tubular inverter battery available.

EXIDE INVAMASTER: The battery is of a standard range and suitable for a deep discharge. It has a tubular plate design and goes for 1000 cycles. There is a 60-month warranty.

EXIDE INVAHOMZ TUBULAR -This range of inverter batteries go with everyone's need. They are space saving, short in height containers and comes with a warranty of 48 months.

EXIDE INVABRITE TUBULAR - This inverter battery from Exide comes with a 150 AH and 180 AH capacity in tall containers and have a 42 Month Warranty.

Lead Acid Batteries, designed for "Inverter Applications" are to ensure availability of uninterrupted and regulated power during mains failure or dip in input voltage.

Exide's INVA Range of Tubular batteries are customized exclusively for Inverter applications. They have rugged internal elements required for withstanding frequent and long power cuts. The Thick Tubular Plates casted in High Pressure (100 Bar) Hadi Casting machines ensure a long life and it's through partition inter-cell connections ensure an even better voltage profile on discharge. The result: a steady discharge during power cuts of long duration and enhanced service life.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Study reveals that Battery Plates casted in High Pressure ensures super fine grain structure for Strength, Long Life, Low Maintenance and Highest Reliability.

What's more? Each of Exide's INVA Range of Tubular batteries conforming to IS:13369-1992 are housed in a lightweight, durable, beautiful polypropylene container with easy lifting arrangement - You can proudly display it in your living room. Flat terminals with composite 'Vent Plug cum Level Indicator' makes it a truly user-friendly and environment friendly battery.

How to Buy:

So, if you are looking for a tubular inverter battery at a great price, go for Exide! These tough inverter batteries with thicker plates, long lifecycle and more electrolyte per ampere hour are best suited for your home and office. Go get one from your nearest Exide Dealer today! To get your inverter checked and replaced by an Exide technician - follow this link.

Exide is India's No. 1 inverter battery manufacturer. A tubular battery for an Inverter from Exide not only comes at a competitive price but is loaded with features like higher power back-ups, minimal plate failures, lesser topping-up, higher efficiency and ease to handle amongst others.

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