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Which battery could be the best for your Royal Enfield bike?

By Exide
Which battery could be the best for your Royal Enf

For bike lovers, owning a Royal Enfield bike is almost like a dream come true. After all, this is one bike that gives great mileage and is just so comfortable to ride on, be it on city roads or rugged terrains. Looking for a perfect battery at the right price for a Royal Enfield bike may seem like a challenge, when your bike battery needs a replacement, however it's not! You can easily find the best battery for your Royal Enfield Bike with Exide, one of India's leading two-wheeler battery manufacturer.

Exide Xplore is the best two wheeler battery for your Royal Enfield bike. To find out more about the Exide Xplore battery price and features for your Royal Enfield bike, visit the Exide Care Wesbite, go to the Find Your Battery section and select 'Two wheeler battery'. From the drop-down menu, choose the brand and the model. You can indicate the fuel type and then press 'Get it', to view the entire range of Exide Xplore batteries that would best suit your vehicle.

Whether it's a Royal Enfield Classic 350 battery price you are looking for or any other model, you can easily view the entire range of batteries here that would best suit your Royal Enfield two wheeler.

The best match for your Royal Enfield 350 Classic ES bike battery:


How do you choose the right battery for your Royal Enfield bike?

If you own a high-performance bike like the Royal Enfield, you will require a battery that would best match its performance.

• Selecting a reputed manufacturer for your bike battery will be essential. Exide is a reputed brand manufacturing bike batteries that are of a high quality and long-lasting.

• Knowing the battery's size is important. Having a battery of erroneous size, either too large or small can affect the bike's electrical system. Before purchasing, make sure that the dimension of the battery you choose matches your bikes requirement.

• Go for zero maintenance batteries like Exide batteries. Most two wheeler battery brands available require topping up, avoid this and go for a hassle-free experience with Exide two-wheeler battery.

Always trust Exide for your Royal Enfield Classic 350 battery replacement. Enjoy hassle-free delivery and installation of your two-wheeler battery. Register the purchased battery for paperless warranty on the Exide Care site and enjoy multiple benefits on your next purchase/ replacement or while addressing any battery related issues. Your Royal Enfield Classic 350 bike deserves the best - Go for Exide, forget the rest!

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