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What's the best fit car battery for your Swift Dzire?

By Exide
What's the best fit car battery for your Swift Dzi

Comfort, convenience and style comes easy with the Maruti Swift Dzire, the primary reason behind its success in the automotive market in India since launch.  The car boasts of a high level driving experienced coupled with great fuel efficiency. Smart play studio system, precision-cut two-tone allow wheels, LED projector, headlamps, steering mounted control with cruise mode and automatic gear shift technology are some of the other features to look out for in this car. To keep this classy car performing at its best, a powerful car battery for your Swift Dzire car is a must have! Exide offers a wide range of high performance, maintenance-free car batteries for the Diesel variant of the Swift Dzire car at the best price.

Find the Exide Battery best suited for your Swift Dzire on the Exide Care website's Find Your Battery section and buy the one you want from your nearest Exide Dealer.

Exide recommends the following batteries for your Swift Dzire diesel car:



The Exide Gold battery range comes with an 18 month warranty while the Exide Mileage batteries come with a 55 month warranty. Manufactured at Exide's state-of-art development centres these batteries are a best fit for your Maruti Swift Dzire car. You can also register your battery for hassle-free paperless warranty once you have made your purchase.

What if your Swift Dzire car experiences a battery failure? No worries! If your Swift Dzire car needs a battery replacement or repair, our trained technicians are just a click away, thanks to the Exide Batmobile service, at your desired location*.  Our Batmobile professionals caters to issues with batteries of any brand installed in your Swift Dzire car and not just Exide batteries. From battery check to replacement our service professionals will be there to assist and guide you till you get your Swift Dzire car moving again.

Remember, the battery is the most integral component of the car. From powering the engine to keeping the headlights and wipers on, a good car battery has many key roles to play in keeping your car functioning at its best. Choose a maintenance-free Exide battery for your Swift Dzire car and keep enjoying its high performance on Indian roads. So, do not install an unbranded or local made battery in your Swift Dzire car, go for the best, opt for Exide.

* Service available in select cities.

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