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Get the ideal Exide battery for Yamaha FZ at a great price

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Get the ideal Exide battery for Yamaha FZ at a gre

On Indian roads, two-wheelers are extremely popular to cut through the traffic. When talking about two wheelers, Yamaha FZ is undoubtedly one of the best and efficient options available. It is a popular choice due to its styling, performance and quality, a perfect choice for people who want a bike with good balance and avail a sporty look. If you have this amazing two-wheeler, you cannot but have the Yamaha FZ battery by Exide to power its performance.

Exide offers the ideal battery for your Yamaha FZ that will make your sporty on-road partner even more powerful by allowing it to unleash its full potential. Regardless of the fuel type of your Yamaha FZ, you'll get just the right battery to match your beloved two-wheeler as your bike deserves nothing but the best.

The Exide Xplore range of bike batteries is what your bike needs. This battery range is thoughtfully crafted by the leading two-wheeler battery manufacturer-Exide. It is the perfect match for Indian on road scenarios where you need to start and stop your bike battery frequently, and sometimes, abruptly.

So, let's explore the best battery option for your Yamaha FZ offered by Exide.

Regardless of whether your Yamaha FZ runs on ES or KS, EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B) is the best available option you can go for. This battery is developed to power-up your two-wheeler so that you can explore more.

Do you own some of the variants of Yamaha FZ? No issues! Here are your options

• For Yamaha FZ F1 Version 2.1, EXIDE XPLORE(XLTZ5A) is the perfect match.

• If you own Yamaha FZ S, there are two options offered by Exide that you can go for - EXIDE XPLORE(12XL5L-B), and EXIDE XPLORE(XLTZ5A). You can choose the one as per the specifications of your bike and your preferences. If you can't decide which one to go for, Exide dealers are always there at your service to help you get the ideal battery for your Yamaha FZ. 

• For Yamaha FZ 16, the best available battery is EXIDE XPLORE(12XL5L-B).

• And if you ride a Yamaha FZS F1 Version 2.0, EXIDE XPLORE(XLTZ5A) is what your two-wheeler deserves.

Do you know the best part? Exide makes sure to cover a long warranty period for your extended convenience. It also allows you to register your battery for warranty online without any hassles by using your device. Want to know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions? Click here.

You might be thinking how you can get the ideal Exide battery for your Yamaha FZ. It's simple and completely hassle free.

First, go to the official site of Exide Care followed by visiting the Find Your Battery section. Here, go to two-wheeler battery option and select your Yamaha FZ model. Select fuel type and you will find all the information about the batteries that are best for your bike including their specifications and features.

Once you are done with your research online, you can just simply reach out to your nearest Exide dealer to grab one. Worrying about how you can find your nearest dealer? It's simple. Just use the dealer locator specially crafted by Exide that will help you to locate your nearest dealer. Exide has authorized dealers in more than 300 cities across the country and you'll always find one near you regardless of where you live.

So, don't delay. Get the ideal battery for your Yamaha FZ today from Exide and ride with confidence and style.

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