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How to choose the best battery for your Honda Activa?

By Exide
How to choose the best battery for your Honda Acti

Two-wheelers are the most in-demand of vehicles plying on Indian roads. Irrespective of wherever you stay, undulating landscapes and meandering streets are common in both cities, towns and rural areas of the country. Owning a two-wheelers thus is advantageous, as it acts as a convenient mode of transportation. There are numerous two-wheeler manufacturing brands in India. Honda is one of the most popular amongst them. The Activa range of scooters from Honda are much in demand for their features. Thus, owning a Honda Activa would certainly make your life easier. The Honda Activa 5G is a cool scooter that offers good mileage and performance.

Just like any other two-wheeler battery, a Honda Activa 5G scooter too would need battery replacement and occasional maintenance to keep running smoothly on Indian Roads. Replacement of two-wheeler battery is definitely an exercise that needs to be undertaken when your Honda Activa battery runs down or malfunctions.

No matter which model of the Honda Activa you own, Exide has a two-wheeler battery to fit every type. So you can easily find a bike battery for your Honda Activa 5G or any other model at the best price at an Exide Dealer point closest to you.

Wondering what is the Honda Activa 5G battery price? No worries! You can easily check out the price and features on the Exide Care site. Visit the website, and then click on 'Find your battery' from the menu click on Two wheeler batteries on the page, on the search panel indicate the brand -Honda, select the model, eg. Honda Activa 5G, choose the fuel type and click on the 'Get It' button to check out the results. You can also check out these Exide Batteries for your Honda Activa Scooter - All a perfect fit!


What aspects should you consider while looking for a battery for your Honda Activa?

• Checking the dimensions of the existing battery is essential. Ensure you get a battery of the same dimensions; otherwise, it will not fit.
• Check the polarity of the old battery of the motorcycle, else the cable might be short to be connected to the motorcycle.
• Compare the CCA value before you buy a battery for your motorcycle. This indicates the number of amperes a battery can deliver in more than 30 seconds.
• A good battery would allow an easy start of your two wheeler

When you purchase an Exide two-wheeler battery you enjoy complete peace of mind. From delivery to installation, everything will be taken care of by Exide. Call customer care, at 1800-103-5454 for any type of battery-related issues. When you have a guarantee of quality and service with Exide, why opt for anything else? Trust Exide. Go for the best brand. High on performance, low on maintenance, Exide batteries are the best for your Honda Activa scooter.

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