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Looking for a shop to buy an inverter nearby?

By Exide
Looking for a shop to buy an inverter nearby?

Are you looking to buy an inverter for your home? Then, just go for an Exide inverter. Exide is the leading manufacturer of inverter batteries and inverters in India. Exide inverters are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and can be customized according to your requirement and budget. So, you need not go browsing on the net for an "inverter shop near me", to buy an inverter, just visit the Dealer Locator section on the Exide Care website, find your nearest Exide Dealer and buy your inverter.

Why should you get an inverter for your home?

Your child has an important examination or you have a presentation to prepare and the power goes off! You have guests coming over and there is a blackout! The reasons to get an inverter for your home is endless! The plus point – an inverter at home would ensure continuous power supply even during sudden power cuts and would keep your lights, fan, AC and essential electrical gadgets running smoothly during the blackout period. Inverters can convert DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating current).

Here's why you should invest in a good inverter:

• Inverters are often backed up with smart features so that they can be run with Bluetooth and WIFI. This makes the process much more consumer friendly.
• An inverter should be both efficient and durable. Ensure that you are investing in a good quality product having a longer life cycle and delivers optimum performance.
• Inverters that are good in quality are noiseless by nature.
• A quality inverter ensures better life of various household appliances and gadgets.

There are many such reasons to consider an Exide inverter for your home to enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted power supply. At an Exide inverter shop nearby, you will find a wide range of Exide inverters available. Pick up the one you need based on your requirement. To find out which Exide Inverter would be best suited for your home visit the Exide Care website. Under the find your battery section click on INVERTER. Follow the instructions, calculate your requirement and view the relevant inverter models that would match your query.

Exide has the following brands of Inverters to offer:

Exide Inverterz Magic
Exide Inverterz GQP
Exide Inverterz Star

 Exide Inverters come with a host of features. Here are some:

• Enhanced with an advanced micro-controller base having pure swine wave technology and a stable power backup.
• Equipped to operate across a wide range of mains, ensuring a stable power delivery. There is an ability to recover from deep discharge.
• Provide a reliable backup for all electrical gadgets and home appliances.
• They have improved efficiency, i.e., they can support appliances at the same VA rating.
• They have a dual-stage charging capacity meant for optimizing durability.
• There would be no flickering of light or humming sound, which means they can ensure a longer life for the home electrical equipment.
• They feature LED display with a simple setting meant for easy-to-understand operation and control.
• There will be minimal plate failures. They have the ability to withstand longer and frequent power outages.

Once you have purchased your Exide inverter from the Dealer's shop nearby, don't forget to register your inverter for paperless warranty on the Exide Care site. Installation of your product will be taken care of by Exide's technicians, thus giving you complete peace of mind.

So, switch over to the little joys in life. Take pride in buying your inverter from one of the best manufacturer of inverters in the country. Enjoy easy doorstep replacement of your old inverter with a new Exide inverter. Go for Exide!

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