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Exide - No.1 Inverter battery manufacturer in India

By Exide
Exide - No.1 Inverter battery manufacturer in Indi

With more than seventy years of experience related to innovation and technology, and serving customer requirements for power support, Exide has been a popular market leader among packaged power-solution manufacturers in India. Inverter batteries from the brand are high in demand far and wide in the country, making it the No. 1 Inverter battery brand in India.

The epithet however didn't come easy to Exide. It has been earned over years of experience, by offering decades of quality performance and living up to millions of customer expectations. The extensive Exide inverter battery range find use across homes and offices, from residential to commercial spaces like shops, warehouses and more. The brand has a wide variety of batteries for inverters - comprising of Tubular Inverter Batteries and Flat Plate Inverter Batteries to choose from, each of which comes with its unique set of advantages, power support capacity and warranty coverage.

Features making Exide inverter batteries no. 1 in India

Exide inverter batteries are manufactured with the latest technology, keeping the Indian climate, consumer demands and economy in mind. The following features make inverter batteries from the brand best in the market:

1. Guaranteed longer life and higher power output

2. Sturdy power backups for longer durations

3. Minimal plate failures ensuring long-life and less maintenance

4. Ability to withstand long and frequent power outages

5. Ability to recover from deep discharge

6. Requires lesser topping-up frequency

7. Equipped to offer improved thermal management

The pan-India service network by Exide makes it easier to get installation guidance for inverter batteries and doorstep service as well.

Being an environmentally conscious brand, Exide also offers battery pickup services for old and used batteries, and carries out battery recycling services to minimize wasteful discards.

Find your Exide Inverter Battery

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